Chemical Processing

Manufacturing instruments that reduce occupational risk

Chemical Processing

Chemical Processing

The Chemical Processing sector is characterised by the presence of potentially toxic, reactive or explosive compounds. As well as noise as a ‘by-product’ of process plant and machinery which can impact on workers and the wider environment.

Exposure to chemicals in solid or gaseous forms associated with complex chemical reactions and processes presents significant occupational health and safety risks ranging from respiratory disease to noise induced hearing loss (NIHL).

Casella has a variety of noise and dust monitoring products that can help mitigate the risks associated with the work place and the environment.

Key Highlights

  • Robust Products

    Handheld and bodily worn products that are well designed to withstand harsh environments

  • Intrinsically Safe products

    A range of certified bodily worn products are available in both the noise and dust product areas

  • Easy to wear and use

    Ergonomically designed with both the wearer and user in mind, they are simple to operate and comfortable to wear or handle