Mining, Quarrying and Tunnelling

Manufacturing instruments that reduce occupational risk

Mining, Quarrying and Tunnelling

Mining, Quarrying and Tunnelling

Mining, Quarrying and Tunnelling sectors can be the most extreme when it comes to workplace noise and dust which means that employees are potentially at high risk of over-exposure.  

Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) and respiratory diseases are the latent effects of over-exposure to such physical and chemical agents.

The processes involved can also have an adverse impact on the environment causing nuisance to neighbouring properties.

Casella has a variety of noise and dust monitoring products that can help mitigate the risks associated in the work place or wider environment.

Key Highlights

  • Intrinsically Safe products

    A range of certified bodily worn products are available in both the noise and dust product areas which are also IEC Ex M1 certified for use in coal mining

  • Robust Products

    Handheld and bodily worn products that are well designed to withstand harsh environments

  • Easy to wear and use

    Ergonomically designed with both the wearer and user in mind. They are simple to operate and comfortable to wear or handle

  • Boundary Monitoring

    Mitigate the risks of noise/dust pollution to neighbouring residential areas and ensure compliance