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  • The Casella Noise Course will return On 6th February 2018

    After the success of the November 2017 course, we have added our first noise course date for 2018! If you’re looking to save critical time and money for your business whilst ensuring compliance with Noise at Work Regulations, Casella’s one day noise course is the perfect starter course for you.

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  • Noise Induced Hearing Loss: How Can You Start Monitoring Your Workforce?

    An estimated 20,000 people working during the last year suffered from noise induced hearing loss (NIHL). With Big Ben having fallen silent this week to protect the hearing of workers, Tim Turney investigates what you can do to protect your workforce.

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  • Vibration In The Workplace - Are You At Risk?

    It is estimated nearly two million people in the UK are at risk of developing Hand Arm Vibration, commonly referred to as HAV syndrome. In an article first published on SHP Online, Tim Turney discusses the risks.

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