February 2014 noise and dust monitoring blogs from Casella

Manufacturing instruments that reduce occupational risk

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  • A healthier attitude

    According to a series of recent surveys, occupational health is finally becoming as much a cause for concern as workplace safety.

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  • The Health and Work Service scheme: A shot in the arm for UK employers

    The annual cost of sickness absence climbed to almost £29 billion for UK organisations in 2013, according to PWC.

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  • Health matters as much as safety

    The TUC estimates that diseases caused through occupational exposure kill six times more employees than work-related accidents and has proposed the concept that occupational health should have the same priority as injury prevention measures.

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  • Building on safe foundations

    The recent report from the Construction Skills Network (CSN), part of the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), makes for positive reading on the prospects of the UK construction industry.

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  • First line of defence

    Our last few blogs have focused on the consequences of exposure to occupational health risks. This time, we thought we’d highlight the importance of occupational hygiene and exposure monitoring in an industrial setting, as this is the first line of defence against employee health issues.

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  • Protecting employee health in mining and quarrying

    An increasing number of mining and quarrying businesses are recognising that they can both comply with legislation and improve their productivity and profitability by using sampling pumps, a valuable tool with which to protect employee health, says Neal Hill.

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