June 2014 news from Casella about noise and dust monitoring

Manufacturing instruments that reduce occupational risk

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June News

  • The constructive debate around occupational health

    The consensus across industry is that more needs to be done to safeguard workers against occupational exposure to vapours, excessive noise and dusts – particularly asbestos. Thanks to the development of innovative technology, construction companies can reduce risks to occupational health.

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  • Casella’s BOUNDARY Guardian helps contractors go underground in Doha

    Casella has provided a number of its innovative BOUNDARY Guardian environmental monitoring units for the construction of the new Qatar underground metro system. This is a major part of Qatar’s programme of development taking place in the city of Doha on the coast of the Persian Gulf.

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  • Clouds hang over World Cup construction

    The World Cup has kicked off in Brazil amid scenes of scrambling construction workers trying to get the stadiums finished on time. Even if they do manage to get the stadiums and infrastructure to a passable standard, it’s hard not to feel corners might have been cut somewhere.

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  • Why noise and dust monitoring doesn’t have to be expensive

    Monitoring a construction or demolition site’s noise and dust emissions is considered to be another headache that the contractor doesn’t need. As a result, the section on site monitoring within the planning documents gets put in the pending tray.

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