January news from Casella about noise and dust monitoring

Manufacturing instruments that reduce occupational risk

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  • Not treating health like safety, what’s the cost?

    Casella attended (and sponsored) the annual conference of the British Safety Council in London last week.

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  • Down in the dust

    Industrial accidents often grab the headlines, but occupational illnesses are a far bigger killer. The UK’s Trades Union Congress (TUC) estimates that diseases caused by occupational health exposure – such as breathing in fine dust – kills six times more employees than work-related accidents.

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  • Prioritising health

    Companies are beginning to attribute health with the same level of importance as safety, and personal protective equipment (PPE) has become important as a line of defence against noise and dust exposure in factories. However, it’s in the best interest of employers to minimise the health risks first.

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  • Providing an air of certainty

    Anybody who takes a passing interest in politics will have been aware of the Conservative Party conference that took place in Birmingham recently. Amongst all the policy and manifesto promises came (depending on your political persuasion) an amusing segment from Boris Johnson.

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