Casella demolition of old offices that sold personal sampling pumps and noise dosimeters

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Goodbye old Casella, hello effective monitoring

Goodbye old Casella, hello effective monitoring

In a funny turn of events we recently learned that one of our own monitoring solutions is being utilised by a leading construction company to demolish our old headquarters in London. We bid farewell to the office near Old Street station 27 years ago following the decision to relocate to Bedfordshire.


This demolition project is one of many in London where our advanced monitoring solutions have been implemented to ensure regulatory compliance. The solution in question is the Casella BOUNDARY Guardian, which is proving a popular choice with construction and demolition companies operating on building and development projects primarily in London but overseas too. This web-based, remote system offers a powerful tool to aid the construction industry by ensuring compliance in real-time with regulatory limits, including Section 61 restrictions and PPG24.


Due to the risk of noise and dust emissions from construction works causing disruption to local communities, London – where, like many major world cities, construction dust makes up a large proportion of atmospheric particulates – has a number of important and essential local guidelines and regulations to protect local communities and environments from the nuisance of noise and dust. Non-compliance can be an expensive mistake for construction companies, which face project delays, poor neighbour relations and a potentially costly fine from authorities following a complaint from frustrated parties.


Although we’re sad to see our beloved old headquarters be demolished, we’re delighted it’s being done so safely, with minimal disruption to the local community and with an effective noise and dust monitoring solution in place.


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