July 2015 news from Casella about noise and dust monitoring

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  • Worldwide health and safety standard progresses

    Nothing sums up an issue better than damning facts and figures, especially when it comes to the many risks that threaten the health of employees.

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  • How snoring annoys but can also be a health and safety issue

    As a one-time snorer I know how disruptive the resulting noise can be to a partner’s sleep. I didn’t need a sound level meter or noise dosimeter to record my snoring, I had the bruises to prove it!

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  • Casella adds vibration monitoring capability to BOUNDARY Guardian

    Casella has launched a new version of its BOUNDARY Guardian that features a ground-borne vibration monitoring option as well as the existing noise and dust monitoring functionality.

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  • Get connected with Casella’s innovative noise dosimeter: dBadge2

    Casella has launched a new ground-breaking, next generation noise dosimeter, enabling employee noise exposure monitoring and reporting in real time and without disruption to workers. dBadge 2 significantly enhances the productivity of onsite noise measurement and boosts confidence in collected data.

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