Personal noise dosimeter and personal sampling pump Jan 2016 news

Manufacturing instruments that reduce occupational risk

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  • An Engineer’s View of IS Certification

    Finally, after a 7 month technical roller coaster ride and disturbed sleep patterns, we are both relieved and pleased to announce the dBadge2 Intrinsic Safety certification project is approaching completion.

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  • When can I have an intrinsically safe version?

    Casella successfully launched its innovative wearable technology products namely dBadge2 personal noise dosimeter and Apex2 personal sampling pump to critical acclaim in early/mid-2015.

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  • Casella BOUNDARY Guardian helps to control noise and dust on major London construction project

    Casella‘s BOUNDARY Guardian is helping to ensure noise compliance and control of air quality at BSkyB’s campus redevelopment site, bringing peace of mind to site operators, the client and the local community.

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  • Buyer Beware!

    The debate over whether the UK should be in or out of the EU is gathering pace but where the EU undoubtedly adds value is in the area of consumer protection.

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