Casella Workplace Health Monitoring News March 2017

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  • The Casella Noise Course Will Return On May 23rd

    If you’re looking to save critical time and money for your business whilst ensuring compliance with Noise at Work Regulations, Casella’s one day noise course is an excellent opportunity.

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  • Under Construction in Gibraltar...

    In 2016, Gibraltar International Airport achieved record passenger movements, with more than 500,000 passengers travelling through the airport by the end of November – a remarkable figure for the British Overseas Territory just 2.5 square miles in size.

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  • Noise Induced Hearing Loss - Act, Before The Damage Is Done

    An estimated 20,000 people working during the last year alone suffered from Noise Induced Hearing Loss. Tim Turney, technical product manager, discusses the long lasting impact this condition can have, and how employers must put monitoring processes in place to help identify the issue.

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