Casella Workplace Health Monitoring News April 2017

Manufacturing instruments that reduce occupational risk

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  • Mining: Why Monitoring Matters

    According to the World Coal Association, there are around 892 billion tonnes of coal reserves worldwide and coal production is showing no signs of slowing down. Ensuring the global workforce of coal miners are protected against workplace exposures should be a priority.

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  • Casella Launch Guardian2 - Join Our Webinars

    We are once again helping our customers reduce environmental risks from large construction projects with the introduction of the Guardian2 environmental site boundary monitor.

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  • 'Brexit', ‘America First’ and the impact on ISO

    Trade deal negotiations between the USA, the Pacific Rim and Europe and the talks of the standardisation of regulatory controls have abruptly halted and are unlikely to be resumed in the current climate. Does Brexit and America First mean an end to the need for global standards like OHSAS 18001 and ISO 45001?

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