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  • Exposure to vibration: Do you know the limit?

    In the engineering industry, many workers are required to operate hand-held power tools and other hand-guided equipment as part of their job, exposing them to potentially high vibration levels. Long term exposure to vibration levels that exceed safety limits puts workers at risk...

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  • The Use of noise Dosimeters For Workplace Noise

    In recent decades, increased mechanisation has drastically changed the industrial work environment. This has led to many changes to an employee’s work pattern. It used to be the case on the majority of production lines that an employee would stay in one place for their working shift...

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  • How to Select a Personal Sampling Pump for the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

    Workers in this increasingly growing sector are exposed to a range of hazardous substances that could impact their occupational health, increasing the likelihood of developing respiratory conditions, among others. Personal sampling pumps are a tool used to monitor such substances.

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