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62x Series Sound Level Meter

• Noise at Work applications

• Selection of hearing protection

• Class 1 or Class 2 versions available

• Calculation of noise exposure

• Simple Operation

• Pre-defined and user configurations available

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  • Product Overview

    The CEL-62x Series of Integrating Digital Sound Level meters can be used for the measurement of all workplace noise parameters to comply with workplace noise legislation, e.g. EU, OSHA and ACGIH.  Use the CEL-62x Series to carry out occupational noise assessments or machinery noise tests as well as to assist with the selection of hearing protection. 

    Choose a CEL-62x Series model to suit your requirements, either with a Class 1 or Class 2 Microphone for precision, and with or without Octave Band analysis, to aid you in the choice of hearing protection.

    The CEL-62x is a simple to use meter and data is displayed on the high resolution colour display.  Measurement screens are intuitively colour coded according to the mode of operation, i.e. green if a measurement is being taken and red when a run has ended.  Data is graphically displayed to give a clearer picture of the noise environment.

    Calibrate easily on-site with the 120 Series Calibrator to comply with best practice.

    The instrument also has six selectable setups – four that are pre-defined to legislative standards and two that can be customised so that you get the data you need.  Regardless of the setup, the CEL-62x measures and stores ALL parameters, even if not selected and these can be viewed in the software.  All runs are date and time stamped and the CEL-62x stores up to 100 runs.  Simply connect your CEL-62x to a PC via the USB connection and the data can be easily reviewed without the need for proprietary software.

    The instrument has a single large measurement range of 20-140dB meaning that you don’t need to change range.  On the CEL-620B, Octave band analysis is shown in real-time in both graphical and tabular format with the dominant frequency highlighted.  Time history of the broadband noise level is displayed in real-time, so a user can see how the noise level varies with time.

    Model Selection

    All CEL-62x models are integrating sound level meters so measure the average noise levels as well as the peak level for noise at work legislation.

    Choose between Class 1 or Class 2 Models.  For hearing protection calculations, the H-M-L method can be calculated from data in the ‘A’ Models as they calculate Lc and La. To calculate hearing protection using the octave band method, select ‘B’ models.

    If your requirements change over time, the instrument can be upgraded to a higher model online.

    Download of data

    To download the data from the CEL-62x for further analysis, Casella Noisapps, is a web-based analysis tool to enable you to produce simple reports and graphs.

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