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  • Documentation

    Please find below documentation that will help you set-up and install Casella Insight.


    Technical Solutions Guide - Insight

  • Product Tutorial Videos

    At Casella we try to do our best to help users get the most from our product. Below are a series of videos providing support and guidance for a number of Insight applications, taking you from installation to restoring data.


    Installing Casella Insight Video 

    In the first videos in the series, the Casella Product Support Team guides you through installing Casella Insight after downloading the program from


    Creating a Tree Structure Video

    This second video created by the Casella Product Support Team will guide you through the necessary steps to start building your tree structure within your Results List in Casella Insight.


    Assigning Data Video

    Video number 3 created by the Casella Product Support Team will demonstrate how to assign downloaded data to your tree structure within Casella Insight and provide a brief overview of why this is important.


    Backing Up Data Video

    In the fourth Casella Insight video, the Casella Product Support Team show you how to back up your Casella Insight database to a local destination on your computer.


    Restoring Data Video

    In video number 5 of the Casella Insight series, the Casella Product Support Team demonstrate how to restore a backed up database back into Casella Insight.


    Exporting to CSV Video

    Video 6 for Casella Insight has the Casella Product Support Team demonstrating how to export your assigned data from within Casella Insight to CSV format. If you have not already done so, please view the videos on ‘Creating a Tree Structure’ and ‘Assigning Data’ before viewing.


    Generating a Report Video

    Video 7 for Casella Insight has the Casella Product Support Team demonstrate how to generate and customise a report within Casella Insight. Before viewing, please make sure you have viewed the Casella Insight videos showing you how to create a tree structure and assign you data.

    We welcome feedback and suggestions for short films or tutorials so that we can grow this area. Please submit any feedback or suggestions to the Technical Help Desk.

  • Download

    From time to time Casella makes improvements to software as recommendations are made by our users.  Please find below the latest version of Casella Insight.

    Download Casella Insight Management Software v.15

    Download InfraRed Dongle Drivers

    Download Casella USB RS232 Adaptor Drive

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