Casella Workplace Health Monitoring News May 2017

Manufacturing instruments that reduce occupational risk


  • The Technology Megatrend: Where Does Health & Safety fit in?

    In the latest in our blog series first featured on SHP Online, Casella Product Manager Tim Turney looks at the way the technology in our everyday lives has assisted the health and safety profession, and what it might mean for the future of industrial hygiene.

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  • BOHS Ignite - Watch Jim Struthers' Presentation

    Casella's Jim Struthers took the stage for the annual 'Ignite' sessions at the British Occupational Hygiene Conference, which give presenters 5 minutes to convey their passion and knowledge on a subject to the audience.

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  • Apex2 – Innovation through customer focus

    Phil Bradley - General Manager of Casella Global, looks at the journey taken in developing the Apex2 Personal Sampling Pump, and how customer feedback led to the best in class product seen today.

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