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Casella NoiseApp

• Supports the CEL620 & CEL24x series sound level meters

• Web based application

• Easily transfer measurements and create reports

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  • Product Overview

    Casella noiseapp is a web-based application run through your browser. It supports the CEL620 and CEL24x series sound level meters to enable you to produce occupational noise reports from your measurements. Reports can be saved and printed and results can also be exported into Excel.


    Because the Casella noiseapp runs completely in your web-browser it means:

    • There’s no software to install on your computer (CEL620 series)
    • This saves you time
    • It avoids security issues when installing on a network
    • There is no need to re-install or transfer data if working on a different machine
    • You can use in most browsers, including mobile devices browsers
    • You have regular back-up from our own servers
    • You can transfer data to spreadsheets, e.g. excel for further back-up
    • You are automatically informed of updates to the app.


    To access the Casella noiseapp please follow the link;


    On the homepage, apply for an account using the ‘Register’ button.  You will need a Casella meter to transfer the measurements from and its serial number.  It is the meter that the licence is for and not the individual user and so you can have multiple accounts at no extra charge.  The registration of accounts is quick and simple and they are active immediately.

  • Industry Applications

    • Calculate a Worker’s noise exposure (LEP,d or LEX8hr or TWA)
    • Carry out Hearing Protection Assessment (OSHA, NNR or ISO, HML)
    • Create Noise Rating (NR) and Noise Criterion (NC) Curves
    • Produce Noise Measurement Reports using standard reporting templates; for measurements and exposure and create tables.