Introduction to Asbestos Sampling

Date: 18th May 2022


Casella will provide a quick insight into the international use of asbestos, both now and historically. We will cover what asbestos is, the health risk associated with asbestos, how to recognise asbestos, and how to sample for it. Many corporations are dealing with various complex asbestos issues. What are the risks of working with asbestos and is your company compliant with local legislation? The webinar will run for approximately 30 minutes for additional time for questions at the end.



The webinar will be provided over a ‘Webex’ service and you will receive an invitation to the webinar once you have registered. Please remember click the attached link in the invitation email to add this to your calendar!


Webinars will last for approximately 30 minutes and questions can be asked throughout via an inbuilt chat system, but there will also be time at the end for questions as well. A recording of the webinar will also be made available to attendees.


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