Chris Chesney gets ready to saddle up to make a difference, cycling from London to Surrey



Why are you biking from London to Surrey?

I want to make a difference. I'm inspired by the work that Whizz-Kidz do in enabling disabled children and young people to lead fun, active and independent lives. Whizz-Kidz provides vital mobility equipment, opportunities to meet and have fun, and training to help gain skills for a brighter future. Raising money for this charitable cause is a passion of mine following my history with them. I have raised money and awareness participating in organised events over half-a-dozen times already.


Where does the money go that you will raise?

All donations will be quickly passed from Virgin Money Giving to Whizz-Kidz for them to start putting your money to work straight away. Any donation will help transform the lives of disabled children and young people across the UK, supporting them to become confident and independent young adults. The more people that know about Whizz-Kidz, the greater the impact will be in helping more young disabled children become independent and the money you give will quite literally open up a world of opportunity for these young people. Thankyou in advance for your support and generosity, it means a great deal!

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Event date: 4th August 2019. Let's go!


After setting off at 0300 Hours on Sunday 4th August, I arrived in London however I was still approximately 10 Miles from the start line. A small leisurely ride later I was in my start wave ready for a 0545 Hours start. As I got closer to the start line the nerves and excitement were building, all the preparation and hundreds of training miles were done and 100 miles of open road lay ahead. Rolling over the start line I hit the record button on my cycle computer and I was off.


 20 Miles down, 80 to go and I was ahead of schedule, the pace was fantastic and I hardly felt like I had covered the miles. The sun was up now and the temperature was rising. At the 35 Mile mark I stopped to refill my water bottles and to fuel my body, 65 miles to go and I was still ahead of schedule.


60 Miles down, 40 to go and I was approaching my biggest challenge, Leith Hill a 4.5 mile 7% elevation. Time was lost due to congestion on the hill and I slipped behind my schedule, as I crested the hill and my whole body breathed a sigh of relief it was time to try and claw back some of the lost time.


 70 miles down, 30 to go and it was time for a much needed fuel stop. Knowing that only box hill and my ride to the centre of London stood between me and the finish line the race was on to beat my previous time. Box hill flew past and before I knew it I was racing through the streets of London again.


 90 Miles down, 10 to go. My legs began to feel like lead and I was beginning to doubt whether I would be able to beat my previous time but I was not going to give up. I pushed myself on by setting bullseyes on the backs of cyclists ahead of me and passing them one by one.


 As I rounded the final corner and started up the Mall I put my head down and sprinted as hard as I could, spurred on by all the spectators banging on the advertising boards. Then there it was the finish line, as I flew over the line I stopped the recording on my cycle computer and to my amazement I had not only beaten my previous time I had surpassed even my own expectations.


Then it was time to return to the car approximately 10 Miles away. In total on the day I clocked just shy of 125 Miles.

In 2017 I participated in the same ride and completed it in 6 Hours and 8 Minutes, for 2019 I had set myself a target of just under 6 Hours. I actually completed it in 5 Hours and 49 Minutes, shaving 19 Minutes off my previous time.


Lastly I want to thank everybody who sponsored me on this adventure with all the generous donations I managed to raise just over £1000 pounds for Whizz-Kidz Charity.