Guardian2 Awarded Environmental Protection New Product of the Year Award!


Press Release on behalf of Environmental Protection:

Environmental Protection Announces New Product of the Year Winners

DALLAS, May 20, 2019 - Environmental Protection recognised the winning companies in its 2019 New Product of the Year contest today. The contest attracted a record number of entries, with many of the products winning accolades from three independant judges. Two companies won multiple awards.


"This was the ssecond year we conducted this contest in the spring, and environmental companies responded strongly with high-quality, innovative new products," Editor Jerry Laws said. "Health and Safety/Cleanup, Software/SaaS, and New Technology - Industry were very competitive catagories this year, and our jedges gave their highest scores to winning products in the New Technology - Industry catagory and also the Waste category. Our contest shows that environmental equipment manufacturers continue to do an outstanding job of meeting their customers' needs in this fast-moving marketplace."


To be eligible for the 2019 awards, products must have been introduced to the market during the past calendar year.The 2019 award winners are:


Air Pollution Control: Casella, Guardian2Energy


LBA University Inc., RF1004: General Occupations RF Awareness Online Certification


Environmental Management: ParkUSA, AF3 Tank System


Health & Safety/Cleanup: Andax Industries LLC, Transformer Containment Bag


Monitoring: Onset, HOBOnet Field Monitoring System


New Technology/Industry: Envirosight, Jetscan


Software/SaaS: Cority, Emission Inventory Management Solution


Stormwater: New Pig, PIG Storm Drain Filter


Waste: ParkUSA, StormTrooper HMI


Wastewater: Envirosight, Jetscan


Water: New Pig Energy, Tank End Enclosures


Envirosight’s Jetscan won two categories and also earned the highest score among all entries. One of the judges commented that it is an “ingenious product offering.” The three judges were Angela Neville, former editor of Environmental Protection magazine; Timothy Alan Grobe, MS, CSP, CHMM, director of Safety and Health for Cross Environmental Services, Inc.; and Fred Elliott, a freelance writer who contributes articles to Environmental Protection, Occupational Health & Safety, and other publications on environmental, safety, and health topics. In addition to being honored today, the winners will be featured on the Environmental Protection website,  www.eponline.com.