Noise Monitoring Matters

Noise-induced hearing loss is caused by prolonged exposure to excessive noise levels. To reduce workplace risk from noise and protect employees, investment in effective sound monitoring is recommended.


Casella help protects against workplace and environmental noise exposure with their high performance, easy to use sound level meters, dBadge2 dosimeters and NoiseSafe App.


Casella’s 24X, 62X and 63X series sound level meters enable measurements to be taken to calculate accurate daily exposures and can be adjusted according to the type of noise being assessed. Results can be compared to peak action levels and the sound level meters can be used in conducting detailed noise surveys.


The compact, shoulder worn dbadge2 dosimeters are ideal individual devices for measuring personal noise exposure.  They can be started at the beginning of a shift and the days' data can be uploaded onto a computer to detail the history of noise exposure and high occurrences during the day. In this way, employers can identify operations that require more effective noise controls.


Understanding workplace noise exposure through the use of Casella monitoring solutions helps guarantee that employee exposures remain at satisfactory and compliant levels. For more information on the 24X, 62X and 63X sound level meter ranges and dBadge2 dosimeters get in contact now.