Casella, air sampling, noise and vibration monitoring specialist introduces the Flow Detective™ air sampling pump calibrator…


There is an estimated 18,000 new cases of breathing or lung problems a year caused or made worse by work, and an estimated 12,000 deaths from lung diseases linked to exposure at work[1]. It is an employer’s duty to protect the health of employees through health surveillance and exposure monitoring[2]. Air sampling is crucial and Casella’s latest Flow Detective™ is a robust solution allowing air sampling pumps to be calibrated, ensuring the pump has the correct flow, with traceable measurement results.


The Flow Detective™ is an electronic air flow meter calibrator, designed to measure the flow of air sampling pumps to within 2% accuracy. The device will be the first on the market with a Bluetooth connectivity, through Casella’s Airwave App. Airwave is the only app of its kind providing remote control for dust and noise monitoring devices, enabling calibration results to be sent via email, ensuring improved traceability and pump calibration procedures. As well as detecting air flow, the Flow Detective™ is the first calibrator on the market with the ability to measure pulsation, indicating if the air flow pulsation exceeds 10%. Air sampling pumps must have a pulsation level less than 10% if they are to adhere to ISO 13137. Excessive pulsation means an unsteady flow and has a detrimental effect on the ability of cyclone air samplers to collect the correct fraction of respirable dust.


The Flow Detective™ can be used with any manufacturers air sampling pumps, but for Casella’s Apex2 personal dust sampling pump, the Airwave App allows for closed loop airflow calibration with the ability to remotely set the flow via Airwave, so no manual settings have to be done on the pump or flowmeter, drastically saving time when calibrating pumps.


The Flow Detective™ will save professionals additional time due to its simple user inter-face, colour-screen and wide flow measurement range, which can be used for all personal flow use with any pump. The Flow Detective calibrator saves significant time compared to other electronic or traditional bubble flow meter calibration methods minimizing set up prior to undertaking calibrations and enabling tagging pre and post calibration data. The device is also functional for both dust and vapour sampling from 25mL to 5L per minute. As it also measures temperature and pressure, this gives peace of mind that the units will always be accurate, regardless of the environment.


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