Casella's US Office is moving location!


With the continued growth that we are experiencing in the United States, Casella is taking the leap to a much larger facility. With new office space and incredible facilities for all members of our team, there was no question to why we shouldn't take this opportunity with both hands. 

With all hands-on deck straight after the festive period, we will be official residents of Sterling, Masachusetts from January 11! 


Q: Where do you send products for service or calibration?
A: All returns after January 4 should be sent to our new address at 13 Pratts Junction Road, Sterling, MA 01564-2305. Deliveries expected to arrive before then should be sent to our current address at 415 Lawrence Bell Drive, Unit 4, Buffalo NY 14221.

Q: Why are we moving?
A: We have been growing and we need more space to ensure stock levels of products needed for our continued growth.

Q: Will it affect the service that we provide to you?
A: There will be absolutely no effect on the level of service that we provide to you. 

Q: Are delivery times going to change or be delayed during or after the move.
A: The move itself will not happen during working hours therefore shipping will not be effected at all. Following the move, we expect to be able to keep more stock in-house allowing for a quicker dispatch time and even faster delivery. 

Q: Will you still speak to the same team members that you know and love?
A: Our sales team will remain remote as they always have been, with most of the customer service and manufacturing teams simply changing office. If anything, our team will be expanding in the coming months so keep an eye out for these announcements.

Q: Will our telephone numbers or email addresses change?
A: Contact telephone numbers and email addresses will not change. We will still be contactable on (800) 366 2966 or via email on

Q: Where do you send payments or invoices to? Do we need to change the information that we have on file?
A: Emails will still be received at our normal address ( You will need to re-direct all post to our new address: 13 Pratts Junction Road, Sterling, MA 01564-2305. Forgotten to do this? Don't worry, we do have a temporary redirect in place to ensure nothing gets lost but this does only cover letters and not parcels.

If you have any further questions on this, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!