CEL-633B1 Sound Level Meter

  Class 1
Class 2
Broadband CEL-633A1 CEL-633A2
Octave Band This Product CEL-633B2
Third-Octave Band CEL-633C1 CEL-633C2
The CEL-63x Series of sound level meters are the most versatile of meters available; ideal for both noise at work applications (ISO9612, OSHA) and environmental measurements (BS4142). Ensure compliance with workplace noise legislation with the CEL-633 and to assist with the selection of hearing protection. For environmental noise monitoring, the CEL-633 can be used for boundary noise assessment, noise nuisance complaints or in the construction industry, section 61 notices.
  • Ideal for Noise at work and environmental applications
  • Hearing protection selection
  • Simple operation
  • Logging of time history
  • Audio recording and voice notes
  • Class 1 model
  • Octave band analysis for the selection of hearing protection