Health and Safety Kit (632B2)


As standard: Colour screen Octave Band Class 2 Sound Level Meter (CEL-632B2) for capabilities to store time history of noise levels, 1x dBadge2IS Standard Noise Dosimeter, 3-way charger and docking station for dBadge2IS and Acoustic Calibrator CEL-120/2. Includes kit case, wind shields, USB download cables, software, and field guides.

For noise measurement within the workplace Sound Level Meters are used for employees working at fixed locations, by taking measurements at the ear, pointing at the noise source.

For employees that are highly mobile such as fork-lift truck drivers, Noise Dosimeters are used which are worn on the body of the individual.

In the modern workplace there are normally a combination of these two types of employees. As a result, Casella have created Workplace Noise Monitoring Kits which include both a Sound Level Meter (620 or 632 Series) and a dBadge2 Noise Dosimeter to allow employers to perform comprehensive surveys regardless of the working patterns of their employees. An Acoustic Calibrator (Class 2) is also included for onsite calibration of both instruments before and after each reading.

Key Features:

  • Intrinsically Safe dBadge2 Noise Dosimeter
  • Sound Level Meter (Either 620 or 632 Series)
  • Single rugged kit case provided
  • Comprehensive software for easy download and analysis
  • Free Airwave App for remote control and monitoring of the dBadge2 noise dosimeter

For more information on the dBadge2 product, click here. Please speak to a sales team member if you wish to upgrade the dosimeter from a Standard to a Plus or Pro model.

For more information on the 620 and 632 Series Sound Level Meters, click here.

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