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NoiseSafe Software

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Designed to simplify downloading, reporting and analysing the data from Casella’s dBadge2, our NoiseSafe software is free and available with each purchase any of our noise dosimeters.

To download NoiseSafe for free, please click here.

Support your noise exposure compliance and hearing conservation program with the easy generation of professional reports using Casella’s NoiseSafe software. Easy analysis of the results from tests allow for compliance to legislation saving yourself time. Should you have any spurious noise readings; these can easily be selected and excluded from exposure results.

The software downloads a typical eight-hour workplace recording in just a few seconds. Audio and motion can be analysed to determine if any of the data is erroneous, which can be quickly and easily removed from exposure data, giving confidence in the results.

Casella’s NoiseSafe software is available with any purchase of the dBadge2.

• Easily configure data and select the required parameters
• Quickly generate professional reports
• Setup dBadge2 units quickly and easily
• Playback recorded audio to identify spurious noise exposure
• Easily analyse time history data to determine where exposure has occured
• Remove spurious noise exposure with the ‘exclusion zone’ feature

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